Jessica was one of the best keynote speakers I have ever heard. She was interactive and fun. Her message was clear and well understood. I felt energized after hearing her speak!
— Anonymous, Healthy Schools Leadership Retreat

In 2013, Jess experienced her own call to action. During that summer, she successfully completed a 23-year-old dream of bicycling 4,197 miles across the country. Solo. In her keynote, Jess shares the extraordinary journey of preparing and fulfilling a major life goal, and relates her experience to key lessons that empower leaders to create positive change within the Public Health and Education sectors. Jess is able to customize her keynote to benefit diverse audiences, and breathes life into her narrative by sharing photos and videos that incorporate the balance of work and play. She motivates her audiences to create personal calls to action, and has her participants up and moving throughout the hour-long presentation to provide an atmosphere that welcomes movement, connection, and change. 

In sharing her story, Jess hopes to inspire and give a voice to audience members’ own personal and professional journeys, daring them to do something extraordinary to create lasting change. 


There are photo and video accompaniments with her presentation to demonstrate a narrative that incorporates the balance of work and play. In her keynote, Jess includes a personal call to action and has participants up and moving around throughout the hour-long presentation. Jess hopes to give a voice to where audience members have been, where they are now, and where they are going, both personally and professionally.


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Oregon School Employee Wellness ConferenceMarch 2019

Texas AHPERD ConferenceNovember 2018

Kentucky AHPERD ConferenceNovember 2018

New Jersey SHAPE ConferenceFebruary 2018

Washington SHAPE ConferenceOctober 2017

Texas Action for Healthy KidsFebruary 2017

South Carolina's Healthy Schools SummitJune 2016

Southern District SHAPE America ConferenceFebruary 2016

Delaware School Health ConferenceOctober 2015

Indiana’s Turning Point ConferenceJune 2015

Vail, Colorado Healthy Schools Leadership SummitJune 2015

Tennessee’s Coordinated School Health ConferenceMay 2015

Southern Obesity SummitOctober 2014

Maine School-site Health Promotion ProgramJune 2014    

Tulsa Fit to Learn ConferenceJune 2014